We undertake to provide INTERIORS for Residences that include

Wardrobes Kitchen Cabinets Crockery Cupboards Puja Cupboards Storage Cupboards
TV Cabinets False Ceilings Lighting-Direct & Indirect Wall Paper Loft Coverings
Back Drops Wall Painting Texture Painting Windows and coverings Electrical Works


We design the Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets and all other wood works based on the specific needs and taste of the clients. We give the with plain colour laminates. External finishes can be laminated, Post formed and membrane finished, OST/polish finish,MDF/spray painted finishes and rubber wood to name a few.

False ceilings can be in Gypsum with/without thermal deck insulation and in mineral fiber board. Designs for lighting, both direct and indirect are possible.

Wall Panellings, Back drops can be in Leather laminate, MDF board, wood, ply with laminated/polished finishes, natural stones that include granite-polished and flamed, marble etc.

Windows that are fabricated in Aluminium,UPVC and Steel.

Lighting Since lighting plays the major part in the overall look and feel, we give adequate importance to it, by using led lights , strip lights, CFL etc..,

Electrical works associated with the Interior works are also undertaken by us.